And we’re back….

Well its been an exhausting few weeks with everything going on (house move, wedding planning, changes at work) and my little corner of the web has gone very quiet whilst life goes crazy.

I have been reading other blogs in the meantime searching for inspiration and realised I really must get round to updating my own.

So we are now in the 6th week of living in the new house.  We’re still unpacking boxes and realising just how much ‘junk’ we both have.   I think the neighbours are getting use to the new crazy lady who had potatoes chitting in her frankly gorgeous bay window (it was perfect for them), and who grows Beetroot in tubs by the front door, has Sweetcorn, cucumber, peas (second batch), and a whole host of vegetable seedlings growing on the kitchen windowsills (we have two windows in the kitchen, which again is perfect for my seedlings).

I’ve planted all my strawberries, potatoes, fruit bushes, peas, courgette, and Purple Sprouting Broccoli now.  I still have the Sweetcorn, Kale, more peas, Parsnips (only two germinated so I might have to buy some seedlings), and a load of flowering plants to put in soon.  Its coming together nicely.

Things causing concern are 1) the lack of rain (where on earth has all the rain gone this year? I can feel a hosepipe ban looming), and 2) I have created 2 epic haystacks mounds from all the grass and weeds I’ve had to cut down.  I’ve had to burn one heap as it had bindweed in it.

Being ever resourceful I feel the haystacks could be used as mulch to help retain the water in the ground and stop further evaporation.  I’ve seen a lot of people using cheap nappies for the water gel crystals they contain on their allotments.  Its not exactly natural though is it?  I’m pretty sure they must leech chemicals that you’d rather not consume.  Instead I’m aiming to sort the grass/hay clippings and use them as mulch around plants.  I’ve heard you can even bank up potatoes with it.

Aside from the Allotment I’ve been wedding planning and unpacking.  Even though we’ve only moved 3 miles away to the next town I’ve felt homesick now and then, and its taken a while to get used to living in a different town.

I love it though and I’m so happy things are starting to settle ready for the wedding 🙂



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