Moving day…

Yesterday was moving day as I moved from allotment 10 to allotment 14.  It was a typical January soggy Sunday and we were lightly drizzled on as we walked to and fro from old site to new.  The new allotment will be fondly referred to as ‘Hobbiton’ from the Lord of the Rings.  Well I live in a Shire and we refer to our grumpy neighbours as ‘The Trolls’ so it seems fitting.  Plus Hobbits seem naturally green fingered so I’m hoping some of that rubs off on me.

My lovely H2B brought over all my roofing tiles, whilst I tackled the plastic greenhouse and various bits and bobs I’ve collected since last June.  Its frightening just how quickly I can collect ‘stuff’.  Soon we had brought everything over that we were taking with us.  I have left an old plastic greenhouse as it was wind damaged, but its in useable order if it isn’t moved.  It could do someone a good turn and least keep their tools dry.

The new site is looking a bit ropey with all my stuff dumped all over it.  I’ve put away as much as I can, but there are still bags of manure and bark chippings, a hosepipe, various bits of strong wood, bricks and netting left about until I can have a proper sort out.  It wasn’t the best light to show H2B around for the first time.  He thinks I am bonkers for starting again, but I know he can appreciate why I’ve done it.

So far most of my work on Hobbiton has been around saving the shed.  The roof was exposed to the elements so I went up armed with felt tacks and have pinned a plastic cover over it for the time being.  It is more rotten than I care to admit, but it will last another year.  I’ve put the door back on and made sure the plastic overhangs so the rain doesn’t drip down the wood. I’ve budgeted £35 for shed repairs.  So far I have brought 9litres of Ronseal Dark Oak shed paint (£5.99 in Home Bargains!! Bargain indeed), a tub of Wet rot wood hardener (£10.99 from eBay), some fence paint brushes (40p each Homebase), and brought some black roofing felt (£15.00 also from Homebase).  I’m just under budget and have everything I need to sort it out.  It already has guttering, but it needs to be put back on.  I also ordered a cordless drill/screwdriver but as that wasn’t exclusively for the shed it doesn’t count in the budget ;o)

All I need now is a sunny and warm spring so I can do it up 🙂



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