Big changes…

I’m so excited to share this news but had to wait till it was confirmed. On Saturday I finally listened to my heart and I emailed my local Council asking to transfer from plot 10 to plot 14.  I’ve been buzzing with ideas for it and had a few sleepless nights wondering what the verdict would be.  I found out today that I have been successful with my request, and can move immediately.  Happy dance.

When I took on the wilderness of plot 10 I knew nothing about the site. I knew I was on the best side for soil, and near a tap point which is all vital but I didn’t know the inner workings.  Like that the very end of the Allotments (starting from plot 14) are where the friendliest people are and that they have the best scenery and sunsets that end.  Having nice neighbours is so important. As is a nice sunset after a hard days work.  On plot 10 I had one lovely neighbour on one side, but one neighbour the other side is being investigated for burning toxic waste there!  I’m growing organically, which is a complete joke when the entire plot is being covered in toxic fumes.  He’d also made comments when he turned up like ‘uh you’re here again’, like I was a nuisance for working on my plot.  It started to feel uncomfortable but realise it is probably that me being there stopped him burning more ‘stuff’.

I have loved the lessons plot 10 has given me but I never felt settled there. When I started on plot 10 I’d often glance over at plot 14 and wish I’d chosen that one.  The friendly end people have all told me about the old boy who used to have it.  He was proper old school and it’s clear to see the hard work that he has put in, as the soil is beautiful and full of worms and organic matter.  He was someone who knew his soil and worked with nature.  Late on a Summers evening when I was alone on the site I’d have a little walk around his plot watching the brambles and weeds take over and claim it back.  It has a real charm and was clearly loved.  I’d have loved to have met him, but sadly he died a couple of years ago before I even had the idea of getting an allotment.  His love for nature is evident in the two ponds full of frogs, and the wildlife area at the front with nectar rich orange lilies and Teasel that the birds adore, all planted around a small Plum tree.  There is a frame for a fruit cage which currently has an epic bramble growing over it but will be easy to cut back.  As the trees are bare I’ve just noticed that he had put up a bird box in the little wooded area behind the plot.  At Christmas I brought a bird box thinking of doing the same and that little coincidence hit me.  I had a moment of ‘this is meant to be’.    An undeniable attraction is it that it also has the absolute massive benefit of having an 8’ x 7’ shed and a 5’10” x 6’4” shelter!!  My own shed! You’ll have seen from my other posts;; and; that having a shed is a big deal for me.  It is in dire need of repair but it’s big and solid and it didn’t move when I tried to give it a shake! My friends have joked about it being only good for firewood but they haven’t seen it in the flesh.  Allotments are all about making do and mending and there is plenty of scaffolding boards which will make a fab and sturdy floor.  I can’t wait for warmer weather when I can start repairing it and painting it from the awful washed out yellow and white is it now.

So that’s my big news. The next stage it to transfer all my things over to the new plot and get settled in. I figure the first thing I’ll be planting are some early potatoes so I’ll get working on clearing a patch for them and working out the rest as I go.  It’s terribly exciting.

Photos to follow, when the daylight allows me to take some decent ones.



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