Despite the many funny yet sarcastic posts this time of year about how boring New Year Resolutions are, I personally love them.  I always set goals to complete and I love the sense of achievement I feel when I do.  The dictionary definition is ‘a firm decision to do or not do something’.  It’s the ‘Firm’ part that makes it more than a fleeting idea.  It has to be something you really want, otherwise you won’t feel passionately enough about it to achieve it.

Like a lot of people mine will also include Weight loss.  Today’s solstice marks 10 months to the day that I get married.  I have already brought my dress and it’s too small on purpose as I really want to lose weight.  It’s not for vanity, as the dress looks nice now, but I truly want to be healthier and to be the best version of myself that I can be.   I’m allowing myself a few treats at Christmas (I have brought some gorgeous chutney for a cheese board) but after Boxing Day I’m on it!  I read a totally inspiring post on Facebook yesterday of a lady who achieved her 16 stone lost award with Slimming World and all in 24 months! It made my 3 stone target seem small and completely achievable.  I know I’ll have a wobble (pun not intended) now and then but as long as I keep going I can do it.  I lost almost 4 stone with Slimming World before but fell off the wagon when I celebrated my 40th birthday with style (aka a months’ worth of celebrations that helped a stone creep back on!  It was amazing though 🙂 ).

Now I have the Wedding deadline looming this as a goal I can start thinking about and how I’m going to achieve it.  Here is where the beauty of the allotment comes into play.  Anything I can grow is completely diet friendly and the exercise it gives is free.  The trick is going to be having something each month to munch through and to stagger my planting.  I love home-grown carrots, and think I’m going to try growing chard.  I’ve never eaten it before but I love Kale and Spinach and apparently its similar.  Its all new to me though and I just hope I’m successful with some crops.  I’ve learnt from this years carrots to really prepare the soil well.  They all struggled in the heavy soil and turned into really weird shapes.

I have sorted all my seeds out into the months that you can start to seed them.  For January I have a few wild flowers seeds packets and a Strawberry called Regina.  My next challenge is finding the room at home to start them all off 🙂  I currently have the windowsill full of Sweetpea seedlings.

Other resolutions will be to pay off my debts.  I’m lucky that I don’t have many, but I have enough to make life a little squeezed at times.  We are saving for the wedding so that will all be made for upfront (such a nice feeling).

How about you?  Will you make any Resolutions?










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