Another one bites the dust…

So unfortunately I lost another shed.  I was outbid in the last few seconds and my internet wasn’t fast enough to rebid quickly.  But looking on the bright side, it was too small and by the time it had been delivered and I’d brought paint for it, well that would be a nice chunk of money towards a bigger shed.  I’m good at talking myself into things, but luckily I’m as good at talking myself out of them.

It was one of those evenings when you feel like Gremlins are in the system.  I thought I’d try drying some oranges.  Whenever I’ve seen them for sale they smell absolutely amazing but are really expensive, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Oven set at 150, slices arranged on the grill mesh put directly on the shelf with out the grill pan and left for 2 hours to dry slowly.  The grill pan is clean just old and battered.


2 hours later I took them out of the oven and they look perfect but instead of smelling of amazing orange they have a slight whiff of bacon!  I left them to cool, and the bacon smell went but they don’t smell as I imagined at all.  Upon a quick Google search I found that you then have to soak them in orange essential oil!! I’m starting to see why they are so expensive to buy.  Really all that’s happened is that I’ve wasted three of the nicest tasting oranges I’ve had and 2 hours worth of electricity.  Still they look pretty and I’ll hang them up somewhere.

So at that point I did sulk….just a little 🙂  But I was determined that something would go well so I started to sow my Sweet Peas seeds.  Our house doesn’t have central heating so it gets really cold.  Sweet Peas struggle to germinate in the cold, so I sat them at a nice distance from the fire and watched as the clear plastic lid slowly started to condensate. Obviously I didn’t let them get too hot, just a gentle warming.  I then wrapped the pot in a layer of bubble wrap and put it in the warmest corner.  I know you can soak them overnight in warm water, but that warm water is likely to get really cold overnight so I thought this way was better.  We’ll see 🙂  I have some fabulous old-fashioned ones to sow soon.  I love Sweet Peas but have never grown them successfully at home as its so shady.  I’ve heard that they grow well in amongst Sweetcorn so I’ll be trying that too 🙂

Sweet Peas roasting by an electric fire……


I’ve also ordered some Sweetcorn seeds called Earlybird F1.  I’ve never grown Sweetcorn before and I can’t wait.  I know its cheap to buy but I can imagine the taste of home-grown will be well worth the effort of growing.

Today is a whole new day and after letting the dog out for his morning wee I put the lights on of Christmas tree number 2.  The lights are brilliant, they are battery operated so no need for plugs and cables.  It smells amazing too and more than made up for the bacon scented orange slices!






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