The Shed obession continues

I have no idea why I want a shed so badly.  I’ve tried to rationalise it but I can’t.  I don’t even want one for the right reasons, instead of storing tools I want a relaxing area with bunting and cake tins, where I can sit, plan and have a cuppa.  I have a little plastic table and chairs donated by another plot holder which are perfectly good enough to sit out on, but they aren’t a shed. I also have a zip up plastic Greenhouse that I can sit in, but again it isn’t a shed.

I’ve even been scouring the Cuprinol Garden Shades Collection trying to decide what colour I’d paint it!  Its ridiculous (I’m quite taken by the colour ‘Silver Birch’ ;o) ).  It keeps me awake at night thinking where I can get a thin plate holder or narrow shelving unit to put in it, or would white emulsion inside be ok?  I’m even excited at the prospect of guttering and moving my 99p water-butt eBay bargain to the site so it can gather water from the roof.  I imagine a little cottage garden area next to it and the buzz of bees in Summer.

So in this shed fuelled frenzy, I’ve just bid on a tiny 4ft x 4ft shed.  Its ridiculous but its a shed and if I’m honest it’s very cute.  I even has a little window!  I’m not counting on it though as I’ve lost so many auctions but its the kind of luck I get.  Some people get huge 6ft x 8ft beauties for peanuts, but this feels like the kind of thing I’d win.  It’s of no interest to the people who want to store bikes, or keep rabbits as it’s too small.  I reckon my main competition will be from small garden owners or other allotment holders.  The fact that its close to Christmas is on my side too.  There can’t be many people prepared to throw over £40 on a tiny, slightly tatty, second-hand shed this time of year, can there?  That’s a couple of decent presents worth of money.

So my plan is to win the auction (fingers crossed), paint it up pretty like and use it as a tool store.  I reckon (from my crazy evening last night spent marking a 4ft x 4ft square in the living room to see how much room I’d have!) that I would get in a small side board for my camping stove and kettle, and a fold up chair.  Then stick a proper 6ft x 8ft shed on the Wedding Gift List and keep my fingers crossed for October.  Sounds like a plan eh….




2 thoughts on “The Shed obession continues

  1. Gosh I hope you get it. My allotment came with a shed and I have to admit whilst it is pretty chaotic inside it is so useful. At the end of a session, hand tools, strimmer, spades and rakes get shoved in and the padlock firmly secured. Very occasionally I sweep it out and restore order. But I added a gutter on both sides and these run rain into two water butts which is so satisfying. And it sits in a cottage garden made up mostly of divided plants from my garden here. I think sheds fulfill a primitive need!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I knew I couldn’t be the only person with this primitive need for a shed 🙂 I have 9hrs and 50 minutes left to go arghhh. I’m the only bid so far so fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed haha. I don’t know why I didn’t think about choosing a vacant plot with a shed at the time. I had the choice of plots and think I must have chosen the only one without one. Still its the perfect plot in many other ways and the sheds that are on the site aren’t in the best condition. I hope to update with good news soon, but if not I’ll wait till the new year 🙂


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