Childhood memories and a shed of my own.

The past few months on the allotment have really taken me back to my childhood.  I turned 42 a couple of weeks ago and my childhood is a distant memory that I rarely think about in the fast pace of life.  But just brushing past a blackcurrant bush and smelling the strong scent of the berries whooshed me back to long school holidays spent camping in amongst the Blackcurrants in the back garden.  I also made my own jam this year and that too took me back to watching my Mum make Raspberry jam in our old kitchen.

I think my love of sheds came from growing up with the best shed ever!  I was born in a really creepy old house, and we lived there till I was 19, but it had an amazing garden and shed.  It was built in the days when houses were built for comfort and not for profit and it was full of quirky features you don’t get now.  We had a twisty staircase, the bathroom was up a little step and the house had character (and a ghost but that’s another story).

The shed was built at the same time as the house and it was incredible.  It had a real tiled roof, large wooden planks and was on a thick concrete base.  It made the perfect little house and at the side of the shed was a hardstand which provided hours of fun for me pretending my bike was a pony and was in its stable.  The shed had had a proper lock too and a big chunky key.  I used to sit in side and read the Famous Five and the Secret Seven by the light of the ajar door.  I also put snails in open topped flowerpots and tried selling them to the postman.

Anyway where this trip down memory lane is going is that I’m finally close to getting my own shed on the allotment.  Ideally I wanted a large 5ft x 7ft shed but I’m finding it impossible to get transport so I’ve found a second hand 6ftx4ft and it can be delivered.  Now all I need to do is win the auction its in.

I love it when you come across a really well looked after allotment shed.  I love the colours people paint them and the creativity people have.  I can’t wait for my own little space to make a brew in and to keep out of the rain.  Fingers crossed I’ll have an exciting update soon.



6 thoughts on “Childhood memories and a shed of my own.

    1. Wow I wish I had your skills. Unfortunately I didn’t win this one. It went for the same price as a new one so I’m going to save up and get one next year. Or perhaps I’ll gather a load of pallets and try and hammer them together 🙂 I must check out your shed. Do you have a link to a post about it?

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      1. Thank you so much for the link to your shed. Inspirational indeed. I tried to reply yesterday but was having a bad signal day. This is definitely an option to consider. My current strategy is to save up until the end of March when the rent renewal is up on the plots and to see if anyone doesn’t renew and ask for their shed 🙂 My neighbour has had their plot for 10 years and seem to be losing interest so you never know 🙂 x

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